Wedding Barn

9 pews on each side of isle. (more pews on sides). Seating for up to 200

♥ 6 pillars (posts) on each side of isle. Pillars are 10' 4" tall.

♥ 1st pillar on each side of isle has no draping. 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th  pillar on each side of isle has draping from top of pillar to base of pillar. 6th pillar on each side of isle has no draping.

♥ Measurement across isle to pillars is 9' 9"

♥ Isle measurement from entry way to front of 1st pew is 30' 7"

♥ There is a handcrafted cedar ceremony table available for you to use

♥ At this time, there is no sound system.

♥ Stationary commercial fans & electric

♥ Eddison draped lighting and chandeliers.

♥ Handicap accessible

Reception Barn

♥ There are a total of 14 pillars (posts) that are 9' high (row of 7 on each side)

♥ On every other pillar, there is organza draping from top to base

♥ We have up to 23 tables available measuring 5' round and 29" high. We also have 5 high top tables with 4 stools each. Measurements are 40" round and 39.5" high. High top tables are located around dance floor area.

♥ For a buffet line, we have 1 (6 foot) rectangle table measuring 72" long, 30" wide and 29" high. we also have 2 (8 foot) rectangle tables measuring 96" long, 30" wide and 29" high.

♥All of our wedding packages include ivory cream colored table linens for our 5' round tables and our 8' & 6' rectangle tables. Round table linens are mid-length and rectangle table linens are full length if you wish to use them. 

♥ Chair size for round tables are white standard folding chairs.

Outdoor Venue Arbor at Pond

♥10 rows of bench seating on each side of isle 

♥Arbor measurements: across top log is 10' 7", pillars on each side stands 8' tall,

inside distance between the 2 pillars measures 6' 8" 

♥ Barn door entrance display measures 9' 5" across the top and stands 8' tall

Hand hewed barn beam arbor outside wedding barn

♥ Measures 7' 2" across top beam

Whiskey Barrels 

♥ Measures 20" across top (inside the rims)